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2023 Harford County Umpires Association Board of Directors 

Jim Cunius | President

Jim is the President of HCUA and has a strong belief in ‘open communication’. Jim’s goal as President is to continue promoting the association’s umpire tradition in the Harford County area as well as improve on the business model previous presidents have established. As for his experience, Jim began umpiring in 1999 and has been an active member of HCUA since 2015. As the association continues to move forward, Jim hopes to use his previous experience as an umpire and member of other baseball associations to expand and improve both HCUA and its membership’s future opportunities. Jim was the trainer of all 'veteran' umpires but he will be stepping away from that role for the 2023 season. His replacement will be a select committee of 3-4 umpires who each cover select topics. 


Rob Stroup | Vice President

Arbiter Pic.jpg

Rob has been an active member of Harford County Umpires Association since 2002.  He has served on the Board of Directors as a "Member-at-Large" for three years, he then served as Vice-President of the association from 2011 to 2014.  After the 2014 season, Rob took on the role of one of two trainers and has been in that role for over eight years. His focus is training all members who are new to HCUA or who have only been with the organization less than three years. Rob loves to emphasize to his new members that you “only get to make a first impression ONCE!”  For the 2023 season, Rob was reelected to the Vice-President position and he looks forward to working with the new board and continuing to take the organization to new levels. Rob will still be continuing in his role as the trainer for all new umpires. 



Colin Leisher | Secretary

Colin Leisher is the Association Secretary, where he acts as the 'Voice of HCUA'.  Colin is responsible for communicating information of all types to the membership of HCUA.  Colin has been an active member of HCUA for several years and decided he wanted to help grow the association and take it to the next level. Colin was elected to hold the position of Secretary for the upcoming 2023 season. Welcome to the Board Colin!



Larry Russell | Treasurer

Affectionately known as, "Everyone's Favorite Board Member", Larry Russell is the Association Treasurer, and has held the role for 12 years as of 2023.  He has umpired baseball for 18 years, all of which have been with HCUA.  Larry is well-known for his tireless efforts to accurately keep "the books", and issue umpire payment in an extremely expeditious manner.


Kyle Kridenoff | Member-At-Large

Kyle Kridenoff is a Member-at-Large on the Harford County Umpires Association Board of Directors, entering his second year on the board.  Kyle oversees HCUA's Annual Member Training regarding the 60' mechanics. Kyle has been around the game his entire life and has been umpiring now for seven years.

Randy Dennison | Member-At-Large

Randy Dennison is a first-year Member-at-Large. Randy has been an active member for many years working ball for HCUA in and around Harford County. Randy, welcome to your new role.


David Pomilla | Member-At-Large

David has been umpiring more than 10 years including eight years with HCUA.  In the past, Dave has served in the local Youth Baseball Community as a member of the Churchville Rec/Churchville Baseball Board, including as the Commissioner of Baseball.  He has a wealth of experience in organizational service, in particular youth Baseball Organizations and his expertise is in Rec/Travel/Club Baseball.  Dave is happy to serve the HCUA membership , and brings a wealth of knowledge to the organization.


Chris Coccogna | Assignor

Chris Coccogna is the Assignor for HCUA.  While Chris has held this role with the Association since 2016, he has been assigning baseball and softball games around Central Maryland for many years for at all levels such as Harford County High School Baseball, the Baltimore Metro Baseball League, and the famed Baltimore Baseball League.  Over the course of the season, Chris assigns nearly 2,900 games among the 150 members.

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