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A Message from Jim Cunius regarding MD Senate Bill 0028. . .


The bill being introduced is Senate Bill 0028: Criminal Law – Second Degree Assault – Sports Official.  The bill outlines that the police can arrest, without warrant, a person who has intentionally caused physical harm to a sports official without probable cause.  In the past, the police had to witness the actual attack to arrest a person on the spot; if they didn't an investigating had to occur before an arrest could be made.  This bill being introduced provides the police with the ability to arrest such a person on the sport without having to witness it.


The bill is now in committee and will be discussed and voted on at 11 AM on 1/20/2021.  If/when the bill passes both the committee and Senate, it will be sent to the MD House of Representative for further discussion and voting.  After passing in the House the bill will be sent to the Governor to be signed into law. 

The board is asking members to review the bill and contact your Senate representative to voice your support for its passage.  Members can find a copy of the proposed bill using the following URL:

Please use the URL below to find your Senate and/or House legislative representative's contact information if you want to call or write them as this bill makes it way through the MD congressional process. 

For members who reside in Harford County the representative districts are as follows:

District 7 - Western Harford County
District 35B - North Harford/Southern Cecil County
District 34A - Harford County (Aberdeen/Edgewood area)
District 34B - Harford County (Bel Air/Abingdon area)


Even though we have some challenges ahead of us for the beginning of the season, the board is excited and looking forward to the 2021 baseball season. The HCUA Board thanks you for your time and support regarding this important matter.   If you have not received the Welcome email or have any questions regarding this topic or the upcoming season, please don’t hesitate in contacting me or any of the other HCUA board members.

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