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Keeping Cool for Summer Umpiring

Thank you to everyone who was able to cover even 1 game this weekend, which is one of our busiest of the year. When I learned that a few of our guys did go down, I wanted to share come tips that have come in handy for me over the years while umpiring in the heat.

-HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE! I also drink Pedialyte 12 hours before game time, then chase it with water at room temperature. Water will enter your system faster and be more responsive.

-Ignore the concession stands. Eat healthy carbs and fruits, such as an apple or a banana, before and after the game.

-Wear Lighter Color Umpire Shirts. Cream and Powder are handy in the heat. Bring both in the event where your shirt is soaked with sweat. You'll be more comfortable.

-ACE Brand Cooling Cloths work brilliantly. Place them in cold water in a cooler surrounded by ice. They don't look like much, but when they get wet, the middle expands with a gel like substance inside. Behind the plate, wrap them around your neck and tie them off in the front and they make a huge difference.

-I learned a long time ago to always chew gum on hot days to combat getting a dry mouth. It's become habit now, where I can't umpire a game without chewing gum.

What are some of your best tips? Comment below!

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