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Featured Member - November 2018

Bobby Reider

Outside of umpiring, what do you do for a living?

"I am a teacher at Edgewood Middle School. I have just started my 8th year teaching Math 8 and Geometry. I also coach Indoor Track and JV Baseball at Eastern Technical High School, entering my 6th and 7th seasons, respectively."

When and where did you begin umpiring?

"I began umpiring 7-8 rec games at age 14 for Middle River baseball. Soon after, I was filling in for local rec tournaments when umpires didn’t show."

In what year did you join Harford County Umpires Association?

"I joined HCUA back in 2015."

Where else have you umpired? 

"I had previously been umpiring for Central Maryland umpires in Baltimore County before it ceased to exist. I have no intentions of leaving HCUA."

What's been your proudest achievement in umpiring?

"I’ve had a lot of great moments. Worked a lot of championship games from Rec to Ripken to Cooperstown. Even have had the opportunity to work consolation games in the Ripken World Series. But one moment that I will always recall is a Rec game… the game was almost over, but one team had a brother with down syndrome. He always wanted to hit a home run in a game, and the teams agreed to let him do that. It was great to see both teams cheer the young man on as he ran the bases."

What was the strangest situation you've ever been involved with while umpiring?

"Rec baseball game. 2 outs. Runners on 1st and 2nd. Drop ball strike 3. Batter just stands in the box. Catcher throws the ball into right field. Batter still hasn’t moved. Right fielder throws the ball in towards 2nd base. Batter finally starts running to first. Both R1 and R2 have crossed the plate. The 2nd baseman picks up the ball and beats the batter-runner to 1st. 3 outs. No runs scored. Needless to say, the coach doesn’t like the rule.”

Do you have a goal that you are hoping to achieve in 2019?

"I always strive to get better, and help others get better!"

What's the best advice you would give to a new umpire?

"Know the rules. Look the part. Don’t let the coaches intimidate you. Make all your calls with confidence, even if you’re not confident."

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